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Electonic Data Release

​Grower Members with a Grower ID must grant permission for their information to be released to their contracting companies.  Permission is granted through completing and signing an Electronic Data Release Form and returning it to their contracting company. 


Data is only released with the growers permission and only to those companies the grower is currently engaged with in a business contract. This release agreement covers data accumulated on the GAP Connections database from the date the grower registered for a Grower ID and all future data accumulated on the database unless the grower revokes this data release agreement by contacting GAP Connections (giving 30 working days for this revocation to take effect).

By signing this release form the grower accepts GAP Connections policies, including the Privacy Policy and Antitrust Compliance Policy and understands that each company that receives his/her information will decide individually how to interpret any results or information shared with them by GAP Connections.

You can check who access to your information by viewing the Access Report available on your Grower ID Account.  Simply, login into the Grower ID System with your Grower ID and password and click on the Access Report.